Nouvelles Honorary award to Katia Robillard

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It is at the last Rendez-Vous Montréal inc. that our Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer, Katia Robillard, received an honorary award for her work and contribution as a business volunteer for the Fondation Montréal inc.

Multi-faceted on all fronts, Katia’s involvement has come to fruition during the last several ways, notably through her evaluation of the candidacies for the + Montréal Exchange Inc. She was also one of the most recognized coaches in public relations, marketing and social media strategies. She has participated in market validation projects with the winners, has done individual and group coaching and participated in « speedcoaching » activities. On behalf of the entire team, congratulations to Katia!

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Katia Robillard with Liette Lamonde, Executive Director of Fondation Montréal inc. Photo credit: Annik MH de Carufel

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