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Thirteen weeks ago, I started my internship at Citoyen. I had a desire to learn, a passion for communications and the excitement of finally getting my foot in the door in a « real agency life. » That’s the state of mind I was in regarding an internship at Citoyen. I still remember the day I received a call to announce that I had been awarded the internship and that my application was greatly appreciated. I was both excited about the internship and a little nervous about what was ahead of me. Having never worked in an office before, I was afraid that it would come down to long hours and unstimulating tasks.

My fears disappeared the moment I set foot in the Citoyen’s office. I was welcomed with open arms, the atmosphere was extremely dynamic and the tasks stimulating.

The agency life: a stimulating environment

As early as my first week, I was quickly assigned on a car launch project where I helped organize the event. I assisted in the development of documents related to the event, researched influencers, attended the event, monitored press and social coverage following the event, and participated in the creation of the end-of-campaign report.  

Throughout my internship, I was involved in several mandates for which my tasks were diversified. Moreover, I was added to several committees, including the visibility committee, which is responsible for managing the agency’s social media accounts. The weeks were busy, however, my colleagues were always there to guide and support me in my various tasks.

The desire to learn fuelled by relevant experiences

Throughout my internship, I had the chance to work on a wide variety of projects. Here are some of my highlights:

  • I was involved in the process of acquiring new clients, where I had to do research and analysis. I found it very rewarding to be able to contribute to the agency’s business development and help build presentations.
  • I took part in the organisation of the A2C Agency Open Doors by preparing a presentation to introduce students to Citoyen.
  • I helped organize product launches for leading brands such as Kia and Molson. It was impressive to see the overall organization behind them and notice the results first hand.

At the time of writing these lines, my internship is coming to an end. My 13 weeks at Citoyen have been an enriching and constructive experience. I was able to familiarize myself with the different aspects of public relations and marketing. I now know how to do media monitoring, develop press lists, carry out press reviews, conduct media and influencer relations, etc. My internship allowed me to improve my work organization and to manage my time more efficiently; these are assets that will be beneficial throughout my professional career.

Citoyen is committed to ensure the succession of their team. I had to work on several mandates and do tasks that were diversified. I have learned a great deal about the field of public relations, while developing skills that will serve me well in my professional career.

If you have a thirst for learning and are interested in acquiring agency experience, I strongly recommend that you apply for an internship at Citoyen. Do not hesitate to send your spontaneous application to

Laurance Giguère, intern.

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