News Geneviève Sorel and Noémie de Rothschild rising through the ranks at Citoyen

By Noémie De Rothschild  |  Published: 12/11/2018  |  Comments (0)
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François Vaqué, VP, Corporate and Public Affairs, is proud to announce the appointments of Geneviève Sorel as Account Director and Noémie de Rothschild as Account Executive with Citoyen (Citizen Relations).

As our name suggests, people and civic responsibility are our main focus at Citoyen,” says François Vaqué, VP, Corporate and Public Affairs at Citoyen. “Our role is to advise our clients effectively and strategically and to rethink the way we communicate. Geneviève Sorel and Noémie de Rothschild truly embody this vision. That’s why we’re pleased to recognize their efforts and contributions to the agency by appointing Geneviève as an Account Director and Noémie as an Account Executive.

With a decade of experience in communications, Geneviève has extensive expertise in the fields of technology, artificial intelligence, lifestyle, health, and consumer products. She is known for her creativity and her ability to find effective, innovative solutions that keep her clients top of mind. Always on the lookout for new trends and technologies, she knows how to deftly guide her clients in an ever-changing environment.


Noémie de Rothschild started out as an intern at Citoyen in May 2018 before officially joining the team this fall as an Account Executive. In recent years, she has helped raise the profile of various campaigns in the areas of new technology and social welfare. Driven, curious, and resourceful, she is always looking for new challenges and is passionate about meeting and exceeding client expectations.

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