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By Citoyen  |  Published: 30/01/2019  |  Comments (0)
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In March of 2018 I was sitting with my friends at an evening for university internship assignments. We were talking and laughing. Suddenly there was a movement in the crowd around me. My friends smiled at me and began clapping. “Did they say my name?” I asked. I walked up to the stage to receive the award. It felt like I was in a dream. After three years of hard work, my university degree in hand, I was learning that I would complete my university education with a highly coveted four month internship at Citoyen in Quebec City. Here’s what it was like.

When I arrived at Citoyen I thought they’d start me on small stuff and that I wouldn’t be assigned to important projects—at least not at first. But the Citoyen team wants their interns to gain as much knowledge and experience as they possibly can in those four months, so I was immediately asked to help with a number of projects. The assignments were varied, which allowed me to acquire or fine-tune a wide range of skills, all essential in the field of communications. I helped announce the temporary closure of a major organization, drafting key messages and speeches and coming up with a media relations strategy; I wrote social media posts and analyzed the results of social media campaigns for tourism and food businesses; I did media monitoring on the Quebec election and a variety of other subjects, particularly health; I worked on a influencer campaign for a foundation; and I was part of an effort to strengthen the partnership between a beauty company and a high profile Quebec TV show.

I got to try my hand at every type of work Citoyen handles: corporate assignments, public relations, marketing, and public and government affairs. By attending various team meetings, I came away with a much better understanding of how a communications agency works, which is not something you necessarily learn at school.

No less important than what I learned was how I learned it, or what it felt like to be on the Citoyen team. As soon as I was awarded my internship, I called Alain Madgin, Citoyen’s Senior Vice President, for a tour of the office. One week later I spent an afternoon there to see where I would be working and meet my future colleagues. We spent an hour or so chatting and getting to know each other. So on my first official day, I felt like I already belonged. Throughout my internship, my colleagues checked in with me on a regular basis to make sure I was happy and enjoying the work. Having colleagues who were attentive, positive, and willing to share and teach really propelled my internship to another level.

My internship ended on a high note, with an offer for a full time job!

Citoyen is a public relations firm that believes the communications experts of tomorrow have an important role to play on our team, today. That’s why, several times a year, we hire interns for a set number of months. Interested in gaining agency experience? Apply for an internship or send us your resumé at

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