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By Citoyen  |  Published: 28/10/2021  |  Comments (0)
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Citoyen is pleased to announce the recent promotion of Rosalie Lavoie to Account Manager in recognition of her excellent work over the past few months. The agency is proud to offer an environment where team members can thrive and grow professionally.

Rosalie Lavoie is an expert in strategy development and execution, media and influencer relations, and event management and is committed to delivering top results for her clients. She lends her skills to projects for agency clients such as Molson, Loblaws, Egg Farmers of Canada, and Pepsico.

“I’ve been really proud to watch Rosalie grow professionally from her beginnings as an intern here at Citoyen. She stood out early on for her versatility and expertise in strategic communications, and that’s why we’re recognizing her work with this well-deserved promotion,” said France-Michèle Thomas, Senior Account Director.

Also of note, a new intern in public affairs and corporate communications has joined Citoyen: Elizabeth Paniga. Creative and analytical, Elizabeth is comfortable tackling multiple projects at the same time. She has experience developing and executing editorial campaigns and managing media and influencer events. Her extroverted personality, versatility, and drive make her a great candidate for a budding career in public relations.

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