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Mélina Jalbert

Account Executive

 ” Collaboration between stakeholders is vital to strengthening a company’s image and reputation “

Mélina is a master’s student graduating from Université Laval in public communication and public relations, with a specialization in crisis management and media relations, who joined the Citoyen team as an account executive after successfully completed her internship with them.   

Driven by her curiosity and desire to learn, Mélina has sought to build her experience throughout her academic career. She first became introduced to public communications during her undergraduate studies, having held various positions in student associations at Université du Québec en Outaouais, and later at Université Laval. It was while organizing an inter-university symposium for psychology students in eastern Canada that she discovered her passion for the field.

An avid water sports enthusiast, Mélina began her career in communications with the Lifesaving Society in summer 2018. This rewarding experience enabled her to familiarize herself with various communication practices.

Mélina holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Université du Québec en Outaouais and is an outstanding listener and interpreter of behaviour. These strengths are especially valuable in press relations, strategic planning, and crisis management.

Versatile, hard-working, and determined, Mélina is committed to client satisfaction and always strives to exceed their expectations.

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Mélina Jalbert

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