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Noémie De Rothschild

Account Executive

Noémie is a student specialized in marketing and communications at Université du Québec à Montréal. She joined the Citoyen’s team as an intern in May 2018.

Driven by an interest in new technologies, she signed up for professional training with a Quebec crowdfunding start‑up for gamers. It was an enriching experience. She discovered new facets of communication and marketing, like influence marketing and community management, and she had the opportunity to develop connections with YouTubers in both Canada and Latin America.

Last year, Noémie was recruited by Project Rousseau, an American non‑profit that works to improve the well‑being and social integration of at‑risk youth. She handled their business development and eventually became their marketing strategist as well. Inspired to promote the good work of the organization, she also took a dive into public relations, helped to plan charity events, worked on brand strategy, and oversaw media coverage of the events organized by and for Project Rousseau.

Her passion for food and consumer products brought her to the Citoyen universe. Driven, curious, and resourceful, she is always looking for new challenges and is passionate about meeting and exceeding client expectations.

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