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Elizabeth Pangia


” Fall down seven times, get up eight.”– Japanese proverb

Elizabeth Pangia recently earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology and psychology from Montreal’s Concordia University and is now completing an internship at Citoyen in professional communications. Her longtime interest in human relations and the relationships companies have with various audiences led to her current pursuit of a degree in public relations at McGill University.

As creative as she is analytical, Elizabeth does not hesitate to take on multiple projects at the same time. While still in school, she joined THEFINEPRINT, an international fashion and culture magazine, as assistant art director. This allowed her to work with world-famous brands and deepen her knowledge of the media industry and project management. Her assignments included developing and executing several editorial campaigns and organizing media and influencer events. As a result, she broadened her communication skills and added event planning and influencer marketing to her skill set.

Elizabeth’s outgoing personality, adaptability, and drive will prove useful as she begins her career in the world of public relations.

In her downtime, Elizabeth uses her creativity to express her love for humanity, movies, books, painting, photography, and music. She has taught yoga for several years, adapting her approach and energy to her students’ various needs.

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Elizabeth Pangia

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