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Philippe Massé

Account Executive

Communications are about being creative and bold. Even if it’s all been said, it hasn’t all been done. These days you have to explore new avenues, new ways of creating and sharing messages. And that’s exactly what I find fascinating in this field.

Philippe holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Université du Québec à Montréal. Intent on broadening his portfolio and sharpening his skill set in a highly dynamic environment, he joined the Citoyen team in 2018.

Previously Philippe gained communications experience working with a fast growing Montreal company, helping to steer projects that demanded versatility and bold thinking. There he learned how to assess competitive environments, manage brand images, plan events, and manage digital campaigns.

Philippe is a political buff and avid news reader who keeps close tabs on the Quebec, Canadian, and U.S. political scenes. His fascination with political discourse has naturally led to an interest in public relations and how they play out in society.

Over the years, these interests have also spurred him on to get involved in his community. As columnist of weekly radio program on local station CIBL, he explored Montreal’s cultural scene and promoted a wide variety of local artists and businesses. He has also volunteered for numerous political associations.

Philippe brings a whole lot of drive to his new position and looks forward to putting his experience and passion for communications to work for Citoyen’s stellar roster of clients.

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Philippe Massé

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