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Stéphanie Fournier

Account Executive

 “The key to communication is to do more listening than talking!”

As Stéphanie is always on the lookout for new challenges, she took part in a range of projects during her college and university career, including two years at Production Culturelle, where she helped organize an annual benefit concert. She started off on the sponsorship team and was subsequently promoted to vice-president of marketing. Her responsibilities included press relations and other communication tools for promoting the event in Quebec City, in addition to providing organizational and logistical support for the team.

Her analytical and writing skills were in constant demand during an internship at an organization that works with a number of co-ops in the province. She assisted the communications team with press relations and community management and helped brainstorm events and campaigns.

Stéphanie wanted to use her knowledge and creativity in service of the environment, so she single-handedly launched an artisanal organic cosmetics business, which she operated for over two years. She is fascinated by culture and has a passion for cinema and music. Stéphanie also had the opportunity to intern at Fondation du Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec where she was introduced to the world of cultural philanthropy.

In the Citoyen team for over a year, she has worked on projects for many clients, including Choose Chicago, Home Depot, Egg Farmers of Canada, Baxter Canada, Diabetes Quebec, Eleganza, Molson Coors, and Vertex.

Stéphanie holds a bachelor’s degree in public communications from Université Laval and a media art and technology diploma in advertising consulting and coordination. She also studied dietetics for two years at the collegiate level.

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Stéphanie Fournier

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