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Valérie Chamula

Account Manager

“Ambitious projects, outstanding products, and brilliant ideas will never reach their full potential without communication.”

Even before completing her master’s degree in Public Relations, Valérie was offered a job in 2016 as Communications Coordinator for the Official Opposition, where she quickly rose through the ranks. After just a few months she became press officer for the parliamentary division and then, during the 2018 electoral campaign, was put in charge of the Parti Québécois press office.

The three years she spent in the political arena taught her a lot about the Quebec media and how it operates. She was also able to build strong connections with a number of local journalists and reporters. Valérie has extensive experience in briefings, bookings, drafting press releases and other media tools as well as in managing press activities.

During her time in politics, Valérie worked on a wide range of issues, including education, the economy, health, and the environment. Her colleagues value her versatility, unwavering attention to detail, and good judgement.

Having part of the Citoyen team for over a year, she uses her fine knowledge of the political world by working in public affairs and government relations, primarily in the health field. She also puts her public relations strengths to work for several of the agency’s clients and obtains exceptional results, despite a changing media environment.

Valérie holds a degree in Public Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and completed an internship with the Orchestre symphonique de Québec. She has always been interested in the cultural scene.

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Valérie Chamula

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