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Vanessa Boucher

Senior Account Manager

“I always dreamed of working in communications, and I’m having an amazing time doing what I love with my clients every day.”

In 2010, Vanessa Boucher completed her degree in communications from Université de Montréal. As part of her curriculum, she was responsible for designing and providing content for the Monbaccalaureat.com website. She also completed a website optimization internship with Synergy Business Intelligence.

Vanessa then worked as coordinator for the non-profit Weekend to End Women’s Cancers fundraising event and Ride to Conquer Cancer event, where she was primarily responsible for public relations and organizing special events. In September 2010, she joined Citoyen to manage some of the firm’s consumer accounts including Dr. Scholl’s, Gap, La Chocolaterie du Vieux-Beloeil, La Ronde, and Toys’R’Us.

Vanessa had the honor of being in the 2015 PR in Canada Top 30 under 30 list for her work. She was judged best by her industry accomplishments; community and professional leadership and the relationship she had with media.

With a keen eye on the latest news, Vanessa takes a moment every morning to peruse the media landscape for the latest developments relevant to the clients. She is also very active on Facebook and Twitter, allowing her to tap into hot topics journalists are following. With so much diligent monitoring, she never misses an opportunity to shine the spotlight on her clients across social networks.

At Citoyen, Vanessa manages several accounts including Molson Coors, Provigo, Pepsico, Procter & Gamble and Egg Farmers of Canada.

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  • Volunteer for the Fondation des artistes

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