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Intercept Context

Intercept is a biotech firm dedicated to building a healthier tomorrow for patients with progressive non-viral liver diseases. Since 2002 the company has pioneered a novel scientific platform to answer critical needs in the liver health community.

Intercept commissioned Citoyen to help the company enter the Quebec market and obtain government coverage for a new rare-disease treatment.

The particular challenge of this mandate was to align the product evaluation with the new pan-Canadian process, while ensuring that the evaluation process in Quebec remained on track.


Get a new drug for a rare disease added to Quebec’s List of Medications


Citoyen achieved this objective using a variety of means. These included lobbying, establishing a dialogue with key individuals at Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) and Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux (INESSS), and setting up an advisory committee on the reimbursement of the new treatment.

We also commissioned a study that compared the estimated costs of covering the new drug under Quebec’s public drug insurance plan vs the actual costs of the alternative option, namely a liver transplant. The study found that covering the drug was less expensive, which presented potential savings for Quebec’s health and social services network.

To successfully complete this assignment we had to clearly define the communications angle and content of the key messages, which is why we chose to present the new treatment as a viable, innovative solution in the absence of any other new treatments in the past 20+ years.

Our insiders’ knowledge of the approval process and our ability to effectively target government decision-makers gave Intercept a significant edge.


Our government relations strategies were successful. MSSS agreed to negotiate following a favorable recommendation from INESSS.

The drug is now available in Quebec, to the great benefit of patients across the province.

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