The insider’s look on Hyundai Hockey Helpers press conference with P.K. Subban

By Citoyen | Published: 01/08/2014 | Comments (0)

Hyundai Auto Canada, Citoyen Optimum’s client, launched on July 31st the third edition of its Hyundai Hockey Helpers program, with the contribution of SportJeunesseᴹᴰ, P.K. Subban and his family. TVA Sport showed interest in the organization of this event as the efforts deployed by the team on-site which included Myriam Crevier, David Barrett, Guillaume Bérubé and Élise Cayouette. We invite […]

Vanessa Boucher appointed Account Manager

By Citoyen | Published: 05/06/2014 | Comments (0)

I am proud to announce the appointment of Vanessa Boucher as Account Manager, Public Relations and Marketing Communications at the Montreal office. Vanessa joined Citoyen Optimum in 2010 as an account executive and since then she was able to significantly contribute to the success of many campaigns deployed by the Marketing Communications team. From the start, Vanessa was able to […]

Citoyen Optimum, wins top honours from the SQPRP

By Citoyen | Published: 30/05/2014 | Comments (0)

Yesterday, Citoyen Optimum won two awards at the Prix d’excellence de la Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques (SQPRP): a Gold Award in the tactical sphere of the inauguration for Rio Tinto Alcan‘s Arvida Aluminium Smelter, AP60 Technology Centre, and a Silver Award in the strategic sphere for the “super-beam” operation on the Champlain Bridge. Gold Award in the Events […]

Citoyen Optimum recognized at the 2014 Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Awards of Excellence

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Citoyen Optimum was rewarded with the Bronze award in the category Best Special Event Projects for the inauguration of Rio Tinto Alcan’s (RTA) Arvida Aluminium Smelter, AP60 Technology Centre. Organized by the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS), this annual award, which recognizes outstanding public relations programs and projects across the country, was held yesterday in Banff. The event concept for […]

Home Depot chooses Citoyen Optimum

By Citoyen | Published: 07/05/2014 | Comments (0)

Home Depot has recently selected Citoyen Optimum as their local agency to manage public relations in Quebec. Citoyen Optimum is excited at the prospect of working with this leading company and offers an integrated approach involving both digital and traditional media with a strategic consideration of the Quebec market. This is a great opportunity for Citoyen Optimum to demonstrate its […]