Our services

Citoyen ranks among Quebec’s top three public relations firms. Always on the lookout for the latest developments in communications, this approach allows Citoyen to service organizations actively seeking to build long-term relationships of trust with the communities in which they operate.

All organizations owe it to themselves to build lasting relationship of trust with their stakeholders to ensure self-viability over the long term.

Citoyen was one of the first firms in Quebec to offer digital communications and social media services.

The experts at Citoyen stand apart for the creativity of their ideas and their profound knowledge of the multiple challenges facing today’s organizations.

Our experience stems from the different perspectives and approaches that allow us to write quality, specialized, relevant content to exacting standards.

In a world where information never stops—usually in real-time 24/7—the most innocent news item can become a national crisis in just a few hours.

Citoyen offers a full range of media training that combines theory and real-world simulations in our studios.

The drafting and deployment of an integrated strategic plan is instrumental to the success of any internal or external communications campaign.

Citoyen follows a rigorous methodology and employs the latest tools to reach and engage carefully identified target groups.

The field of communication is a strategic one, where the right word is essential to delivering the right message and to optimizing the transmission of relevant information that meets stakeholder expectations.

Citoyen offers complete coverage of client mentions across all types of media, both traditional and digital.

Our PR professionals have a long track record in the complex media landscape and, as such, can successfully carry out their clients’ mandates.

Depending on your communications objectives, Citoyen imagines, creates and organizes made-to-measure events.

Our knowledge of the organizational environment helps us to evaluate all underlying issues in order to recommend the best available strategies.