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Crisis communications

In a world where information never stops—usually in real-time 24/7—the most innocent news item can become a national crisis in just a few hours. Our role as consultants is to prevent potential crises and prepare organizations to face them head on. Citoyen supports its clients and guides them through crises to help protect your most valuable resource—your reputation.

In just a few hours, we put tactical cells in place to intervene on the ground and across all media touchpoints, be they traditional, digital or social. In thirty years, Citoyen has helped manage and mitigate the impacts of crisis situations and implement the important steps to follow when dealing with major planned or unplanned events such as plant closures, layoffs, outsourcing procedures, natural disasters, strikes, shock resignations, police or media inquiries, and product recalls.

In fact, we’ve dealt with nearly every type of crisis event and helped neutralize nearly all types of adversity. 

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